Sunday, November 25, 2007

Is this Snowbunny Bella 40 years later?

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, all the leftovers were gone....I looked in the mirror and sighed, hmmmmmmmmm I think I know where they all went. These are no tears of joy! They say the average person puts on 15 lbs. for the holidays.....yikes!...Surprised Shelia found her 15 in just four days....can you image, .............I don't think we'll go there.

This image is from the senior collection at I Brake for Stamps.

Surprised Shelia is appropriate for several reasons........ #1, she looked in the mirror and what did she see.........and # 2, I took the colors and the layout from my friend Laurens challenge. What do you think Lauren? Do you think this is Snowbunny in the future, or is Shelia really Snowbunny's Mom after she moved to Florida? Lauren does some fantastic work and has sketch challenges and post backs on a regular basis. When I saw her challenge, I just had to do the "before and after" challenge.

I hope you enjoyed looking as much as I enjoyed making. Hugs, Gerrie


Lisa said...

Perfect stamp for the Holiday Season! She's too funny!

Lauren (mytime) said...

Oh Im laughing hysterically! THis is WAY to funny!!! I like to think its Bella after kids :D
The funny thing is my mom's name is Sheila! LOL!YIKES-hope thats not me. I wanna stay snowbunnybella (after I lose 10 more lbs)

leenda said...

Sheila is such a hoot! I hope Bella looks like this after the holidays! I get tired of seeing that skinny, stick woman w/a smile no less everywhere!