Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ever Have a Bad Hair Day or 2?

I have had a few too many lately......(bad hair days)....and I thought I may give having "hair" one last chance....I have been wearing it short for many years. As I am trying to have it grow out to more than 3 inches, it is starting to wear me is very fine and thin, and does nothing! So....and no laughing here ladies.....I decided I was going to give myself a perm. YIKES! you say. Well a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do....and I did it! I was really surprised that it worked and I did it all by myself! I always gave them to my Mom growing up, and my daughter always gave them to me! Now I have curly, curly old lady hair until it relaxes a bit, but I am sure in a coupla' weeks I can take off the baseball cap and show myself again! In honor of high hopes for more better hair days.......I made a couple of quick ATC cards with the Hair is Important stamps from Artistic Outpost. The backgrounds were made with various colors of Rainmist Colorwash Sprays.


Lisa said...

Neat BG with the rainmist sprays

leenda said...

Really cool ATC's!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the ATC's. NOW...lets see the hair!!
Love your blog too.
Prescott, AZ