Tuesday, August 12, 2008

6th Edition Technique Junkies CD

The 6th Edition Technique Junkie CD contains over 70 techniques — all the techniques from the 10-07 through 08-08 issues, the online bonus techniques, PLUS 10 NEW techniques, exclusive to the CD!

*Techniques are presented as step-by-step pictorials like the subscriber-only tutorials.
*The CDs are in .pdf format, so they are friendly to PC and MAC users alike.
*Each are formatted to print on 8-1/2” x 11” pages!
*CDs are $14.95 for subscribers ($16.95 for non-US addresses), with additional copies available for $11.95 ($14.95 non-US).
*CDs may be ordered through PayPal or through the mail.
Send PayPal payments to: phuntoon@optonline.net
Make checks payable to: Pat Huntoon, and send to: PO Box 16547, Stamford CT 06905.
*Need to renew? Renew & buy the CD for $29.95*!
*Offer valid until October 1, 2008

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