Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Ladies Luv Camouflage

The BFF's of IB4S have decided in honor of BCA month they would down pink hats instead of red! They also decided that maybe the "camo" would find them a man or 2, so PINK it is! The lovely ladies are from I Brake for Stamps and the camouflage technique is from the latest issue of the TJNL. Ya' gotta' think out'a the box, right! LOL and hugz....


Denise Macias said...

LOVE it!! Pink it is! I'm tired of my RED hat!!!

Hope the MENS are around to see you all in PINK!!

Gotta get that stamp now!!
Thanks for adding to my wish list!

Denise in San Diego

Lisa Somerville said...

Ladies look great in Pink! BG turned out wonderful!

leenda said...

I think the girls would have better luck in finding a man wearing real camo!! lol Cute & creative card!