Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bottles of Witches

These are some 4x4's I made for my Deco Depot yahoo group entitled "Witches Brew". The ol' gals are caught inside the bottles of cracked glass! The words on the project are from a package of labels I found at a dollar store months ago, and they work perfect for my project.


Lisa Somerville said...

Very cool - I'm sure the Deco girls are gonna LOVE them!

stampsalot87 said...

Congrats on winning in both catagories. I am taking a cleaning break checking out some of the different Blogs!


Shelly said...

I love how you think Gerrie. Hmmmm, maybe that makes me a little twisted too? So be it, love the witches in the bottles!

Nelly said...

Love these, Gerrie. What a great look!!