Thursday, November 19, 2009

Artella Artsgiving Sale - Using Photos in your Cards

Artella is saying “Happy Artsgiving” and giving away art supplies and eBooks, plus 50% off all vintage goods. Cool deal - take a look!

There's really a lot of things going on, do take a look at some of the photos offered. I've used one in this Holiday card below. If you've never incorporated real photos in your cards, give it a try. I added a few holiday embellishments, and whitewashed the holiday paper to add to the vintage feel. I've already placed my order, I hope you click the link above and shop around too! Great deals, wonderful service and a lot of fun! I love Artella classes, great for the soul. So here we go... almost looks like my brother and me, lol. Now don't you want to try your hand at it too!?!
The top right corner is a glare from the Ott lite, sorry. I lack lots in the pic taking dept! hugz....

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pattyfromfl said...

Love the old timey feeling of this card! Nice job with the tinsel!