Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's a Sea Cow or Call it a Manatee

What a beautiful life!!  If you look closely, you will see 1 of the 3 Manatee's that are right off my dock.  They love fresh water, so that is what they are doing here, sucking in the fresh, cold water, can you believe that!!!  The sun is so bright, I can't get a better photo, but if I do, I'll post it later.  This one's name is Mildred, and then DH  is Morrie and baby is Morgan Manatee.

This Manatee has to be at least 10 feet long and just guessing, a couple thousand pounds!  What a way to start the season!


Terry said...

How wonderful is that? Nature right at your dock step! What a fun post!

1CardCreator said...

Awesome pictures, so fortunate to be on the water!

Joanna McDonald said...

WOW! That is neat-giving them a
drink-love it!!It is always neat
to observe mother nature. Share
some more, when you can. Thanks!

Lisa Somerville said...

how cool is that right at the dock. I'd be sitting out there all day watching them!

Traci S. said...

Awesome Job, Gerrie!

I love Manatees. When Josh was about 2 or 3 years-old...we knew of this canal...behind an apartment complex...where we had a regular manatee. We would go visit and clean the trash out of the water...and it's illegal to feed or touch them, but we brought lettuce, and pet her. Boy, does their breath stink! And, they are slimey...and they have barnacles grow on them, because they are so slow moving. Anyway, one day, Josh and I saw her give birth...right there! Like the whales do...spin the thing out! I called Sea World to see if we needed to do anything. They wanted the address...I said, "no way" these 2 are staying free! It was amazing! It was around the time of Lion King. Josh named the babe "Simba." So, if you have a manatee stamp, and want to put a lion head on it...We have dibs!

Thank you for the wonderful memories! We spent the day at Sea World yesterday with grandchildren and Dave's son and his wife-ish. It was fabulous. I love petting those dolphins. It is unlike anything else.

Sorry that I gabbed too long! Just excited!

He IS Able,
Traci S.

Pat Moore said...

This is so great to view Mother Nature's creatures. ...Pat m

Robyn said...

Thank you for taking care of those magnificent creatures!

2amscrapper said...

seriously? right off your dock? you have the mermaids of the sea?

Lynn Stevens said...

WOW WOW WOW, how cool to have Manatee in your own backyard! I just Love them, Saw some when we visited Florida 10 years ago. They are such sweet animals.
hugs Lynn

Suzanne C said...

Awesome! Wonderful that you have these beautiful creatures out your back door.