Friday, October 18, 2013

Cephalopod or Octopus

Dare I admit to you all that I love weird and strange things..............or do you already know that!!? Today I get to showcase one of the stamps from a recent collection I just bought, and have to share it on Bloggers Challenge. I am sure that Lisa will say "only you"!, but I know there has to be a lot of us out there that will love these stamps, after all, look at the following that Stampotique has (and yes...I love their stamps too!).

  You can find these stamps at Viva Las Vegas Stamps, and if you order, please tell them Gerrie sent you.

  The artist, Brian Kesinger that designed these stamps has a great following, and I look forward to seeing more of his work made into stamps. He calls them Cephalopods, to me they are a fabulous creature more commonly known as Octopus! I did look them up in my old handy dandy Random House dictionary, but could not find the word cephalopod, interesting.

My octopus today is dressed in her orange Halloween costume for the Blogger Challenge, Halloween. I know she is a girl cuz look at the pink ink bubbles she released.....and she is landing in a beautiful sea grass flower bed, only for girlz. You can be sure you'll see a lot of these amazing sea creatures, as I just love them.

This was stamped on a tech from Tim's CC102 class.  I cannot get the colors right on the background, but my tag is more greens and blues....oh well, she still is beautiful.

Hugs my friends..........slimy, sticky, gooey ones............



Anonymous said...

Definitely different but in a rather fabulously captivating manner.
Your background could not be more perfect for this weird and wonderful creature.

Karen Schroeder said...

Very cool! BTW an octopus is a cephalopod, as are squid, nautilus, and ammonites. I've dug up fossils of some cephalopods. They're cool too!

Shelly Schmidt said...

Awesome tag- love the colors and your girlie Octopus is smashing! I do not have any of the Stampotique images in my stash at all..... I look forward to seeing more of your fun projects!

Lisa Somerville said...

Fabulous background, love the vibrant colors and the cool sea creature image and foliage!

Terry said...

This is so cool and that background is a real stunner! I never would have know it was more green and blue, but either way, these eyes love it!