Friday, February 20, 2015

I Turn It On!

Short and sweet today..........Lisa has a "metal" challenge up at Blogger Challenge this week. Very timely indeed, as we just did some rearranging in dear hubby's office and he did some repainting a wall this week. I thought this embossing folder was perfect for the character of the room, as well as the dark mustard color of the metal.

The metal was embossed, filled in backside with some spackle and glued to the wall plate.  Then I sanded it and sprayed it with a clear sealer.  DH was pleased, me too!

Warm hugs everyone, even have the heat on here in the deep south of Florida.


Patty from FL said...

Very nice, Gerrie! Stay wawrm

Kay Wallace said...

Love the metallic frame, Gerrie! Good answer to Lisa's challenge! You truly "light up" your husband's life! hehe

Coco said...

This is very nice Gerrie!!! Have a very happy Sunday with your hubby and family. Hugs, Coco xx

Beth said...

Thank you for the inspiration on this one GF the next time I decide to do some remodeling will have to remember this for my light switches very clever and masculine for your hubby's office.

Julie Steed said...

I have been toying with the idea of doing something like this with our outlet covers for a while. Fab job!