Friday, March 20, 2015

It's the Spring Equinox!

There are believers, and then there are the must try it yourself! It really works! My Dad used to do this when I was a kid growing up, and I have carried on the tradition. When the earth and the moon are in sync for the Spring and Fall equinox, you can make a raw egg stand on end. It will stay standing for a few days, or even a few weeks.....unless the cat knocks it down!

This year we have it outside, on the kitchen window shelf.

I am a believer!

(As I am writing my post, my girlfriend Ann text's me with a photo of her eggs.  She saw my egg last year and has been waiting for this day to try it.  My egg stood up much earlier in the day, however she was persistent and got hers up at 1:00 A.M.................She is a believer too!)


Patty from FL said...

Gerrie,I did it! Wish I knew how to add my picture to this comment!

Kay Wallace said...

I have heard of this, but never tried it. Next year!

Coco said...

Hahaha, I didn't know that... looks fun! I will try it the next time mith my kids! :D Happy week-end Gerrie, hugs

Beth said...

I tried it last year didn't work now I see I have got to be persistent....give it a go again next year.