Friday, July 24, 2009

Learn to Focus, Find your Strengths

I made the "CalEndure" for my most recent Artella project. Who better to represent a woman's strengths than Rosie. I've worn Rosie's hats many times in my life, how about you? It's made me a better woman knowing Rosie! It's a project about time and strengths. Keeping track of 7 days of training myself and looking for the outcome. It is amazing how my life has transformed in only 5 days, I can see it. This Arternity class is awesome.

I'm learning to collage, and I feel much more comfortable as time goes on. This piece is my first experience using gel medium as my glue, and glaze...oh how I love to glaze. It adds "finish".

Thanks for checking on my progress....on to lesson 6. hugz....

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Lisa Somerville said...

I'm glad to see Artella has brought you back to posting your beautiful work that we all love!