Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You are beautiful!

Yes GF's you are beautiful!! Can you imagine how people around the world would feel if they found a sticky note like that on their front door, the locker room, a public bathroom, the library, grocery store! This made me feel so good today, I just had to pass it on. It's a story in our local paper today and I know it will make you all as excited as I am. I'm on my way to the doctor right now with my sticky notes......slip one in a magazine, hand one to the nurse, the receptionist, the doctor, say whatever to make someone feel special, wonderful, pretty, nice............you can do it, spread the word! love yourself, believe in yourself, love who you are! Check this out........... http://operationbeautiful.com/ ! spread the word, spread the joy, take your sticky notes with you!! hugz, Gerrie


Beth said...

GF I think you are beautiful too, thank you Gerrie

Willow said...

Oh Gerrie thanks so much for sharing the Operation Beautiful blog!! Such a simple yet profoundly moving concept!! I am heading out to lunch today with a post-it in my pocket!!!